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Ich habe genug, 2005 (I Have Enough)
Open space installation

The video “I Have Enough” is set in a house. Looking into the house one is confronted with an exterior space. The viewer perceives a river and a barren, rather ruinous riverside, battered buildings and drought-stricken plantlife. The dismal scenery corresponds to the occurrence in the river, where a severed head bobs up and down, the cut edge laying open on the water’s surface. The mouth intones arias from Johann Sebastian Bach’s Cantata BWV 82: ‘Fall asleep, you weary eyes´, ‘I delight in my death’ and the eponymous ‘I have enough’.

The content of the Bach cantata is expanded here to encompass the motif of decapitation that can be found in countless stories from the Western literary canon dealing with the battle of the sexes. Enticement and seduction, Eros and Thanatos appear fatefully linked together in them. Lust cannot be attained without pain, devotedness not without horrifying suffering.

The ambivalence exuding from the scene’s construction character and the direct atmospheric emotional address corresponds to the polarities of the narrative. This ambivalence is heightened even further by the video’s apparent reference to the Orpheus myth. After losing his beloved Eurydice to Hades, Orpheus, according to Aeschylus’s retelling of the story, declared Apollo to be his god, enraging Dionysus to such an extent that he ordered his Bassarids to dismember Orpheus and scatter his limbs. The Muses gathered up the fragments of his body, his floating head continued to sing.